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Download WMV

1. What's WMV?

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a compressed video file format developed by Microsoft. Its compression rate even higher than that of MPEG-2 standards. It's the upgraded version of ASF (Advanced Stream Format). Except the same video quality, WMV file has a very small size, so it is fit for this format publishing and transmitting in network.

WMV files contains both video and audio part. Video part uses Windows Media Video codec, audio part uses Windows Media Audio codec.

2. How to download WMV files?

1) Download and install "Cocsoft StreamDown";
2) Open a webpage that contains wmv link;
3) CoCSoft MSniffer will sniffer the wmv file adress automatically and list it on the CoCSoft MSniffer dialog;

4) Select the wmv file link and click ;
5) Then pop up the New Downloading dialog;

6) Click the button to start downloading;
7) Wait for the task completion.

3. How to play the WMV files?

1) Open Windows media player in start menu;
2) Drag the WMV files to the player.

4. How to convert other format to WMV?

1) Download and install "WinMPG Video Convert";
2) Click the button "All to WMV" on the main interface;
3) Select a input file, click the button "convert" and start to convert.
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